Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fort Amanda

From The Ohio Country....

 The three thousand men then at Fort Barbee were at once started direct for Defiance, Harrison commanding in person. The first night they encamped at Fort Jennings, where word of the retreat of the enemy was received. This gave opportunity for part of the soldiers to clear the road to Defiance, and others to build a fortification farther up the Auglaize River, on the site of Wayne's Fort Auglaize. This post was named by Colonel Pogue, its builder, Fort Amanda, in honor of his wife*.
*Other sources say that Col. Pogue named Fort Amanda after his daughter, Hannah Amanda.  Sources also conflict as to whether the Colonel's name was Robert or Thomas.  There was also a Col. John Poage of the KY Mounted; was he Colonel Robert, Thomas or John?

Jim's Photo of The Fort Amanda Monument

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