Friday, October 9, 2015

In Concert With Scott

Source - Fort Erie

The life and military and civic services of Lieut.-Gen. Winfield Scott: complete up to the present period :

"The little troop moving on Niagara had noble incentives to duty."

"...Lieutenant Elliott and a company of seamen to Black Rock where in concert with Scott he conceived the project of cutting out two British brigs of war just arrived from Detroit, and then lying snugly under the guns of Fort Erie--a British fortress opposite Buffalo. This enterprise of great daring was gallantly executed on the morning of October 9th. (1812)."

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Le Breton On The Thames

On The Thames

From .... the Le Breton flats.... :

After the disastrous battle at Moraviantown [AKA Thames] where the British were badly defeated and were obliged to retreat to the Niagara River, giving up the whole western portion of the Province, LeBreton volunteered and was sent with a flag of truce to General Harrison to arrange for an exchange of prisoners.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Accounts Of The Battle Of Plattsburgh

From A list of pensioners of the war of 1812:

"The enemy under Sir George Prevost amounting to 14,000 regulars and embodied militia, in four brigades commanded by Major Generals De Rottenburgh, Powers, Brisbane, and Robinson, appeared before our works at Plattsburgh...".

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Devastating Event In Commodore Elliott's Early Years

From a Speech of Com. Jesse Duncan Elliot  ...:

It is known to many in this respected audience that the honor of a Marylander's birth-right was derived from parents, both of whom were Pennsylvanians, and that in the ninth year of my age, my father [Robert Elliott] was killed by a party of Indians, on the Muskingum, on his route to join the array of Gen. Wayne, to which he was attached as a Commissary.

Robert Elliott's Orders from General Anthony Wayne (a month before Elliott's death):

Plaque Commemorating Fort Hamilton (near Cincinnati, Ohio)

"In 1794, Colonel Robert Elliott, a quartermaster for the army, while traveling with his servant from Fort Washington to Fort Hamilton, was ambushed by the Indians and killed...". [Source]

Friday, October 2, 2015

General Gano To Major Lanier

Headquarter Ohio Militia
October 2d. 1813


General John S. Gano To Major Alexander C. Lanier regarding a court martial, posts and public stores...

A biography of Major Lanier can be read here.

Major Lanier's application for his War of 1812 Pension mentioned being ordered by General Gano to attend a court martial at Fort Meigs...:

Source [Fold3]