Monday, September 1, 2014

Sir Humphrey Le Fleming Senhouse; His Pre-War Years

The Gentleman's Magazine (London, England), Volume 170

Sir Humphrey was the third son of the late Sir William Senhouse, Surveyor-General of Barbadoes ,and of Nether Hall in Cumberland, by Mary, second daughter and coheiress of Joseph Ashley, of Ashby Ledgers, esq. High Sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1788. He entered the navy at an early age, and when midshipman was present at the capture of Surinam in 1799.

...appointed by Sir Alexander Cochrane...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

10th Regiment Muster Roll

A muster roll of a company of infantry under the command of Captain Eml J. Leigh, of the 10th Reg't in the service of the U.S. commanded by Colonel James Wilborn from the 30th June 1813 when last mustered to the 31st day of August 1813 (part of document below):

Source - Fold3

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fort Mims

The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia, Volume 1  by Wilson Lumpkin:

Indeed, while I was yet in the wilderness I heard of the death of Arthur Lot(t) and his son murdered by the Creek Indians in the path which I had but recently traveled.  And before or just after my return home I heard of the massacre of the inmates of Fort Mims near the junction of Alabama and Tombigbee rivers, a place where I had spent several days to recruit my stock of provisions.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Charles Gratiot Delivers


The beginning of Gratiot's War of 1812 experiences:

The day after his hearing of the Declaration of War against Great Britain, Captain Gratiot, being then at St. Louis visiting his parents during his leave of absence, immediately proceeded to Washington to ask for active service; and was at once appointed Chief Engineer of the North Western Army, with orders to stop en route at Pittsburg to aid in the preparation of ordnance and ordnance stores for General Harrison's forces then in the field. Not till November 1812, could Captain Gratiot and his escort of 300 men move, with the heavy train of twelve pieces of artillery and two hundred loaded vehicles, to Lower Sandusky through an almost trackless wilderness where a wheel had never rolled. After persistently overcoming winter's cold bad roads want of forage and numerous other difficulties, he delivered, January 5, 1813, his whole charge without even the loss of a bullet, to the Commander-in-Chief, who, soon after Winchester's defeat, directed Gratiot to join him without delay at Maumee Rapids. 

Details about the Gratiot family tree can be found here.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Capt. Peter Merrill's Company

From the Old Times In North Yarmouth book:

It is valuable to the historian in showing who were the able bodied men liable for military duty. I found this roll in a book in Washington where it had been forwarded as evidence in the claims for pensions in the War of 1812. It was kept in good business style, by Robert Anderson, and contained the record for a number of years after the date of the roll.

Partial roll of Capt. Peter Merrill's Company of Foot, Aug. 28, 1804: