Thursday, May 21, 2015

Francais X. Goulet Served

From the Kent County, Ontario, Canada's Historical Society's Papers:

The family traditions generally fix the arrival of Francais Xavier Goulet there [Kent County, Ontario, Canada] and the beginning of his settlement duties on his allotment of lot 154 from Col. Talbot about a year or two earlier or about 1817 or 1818. As the surveyor of the district, Mahlon Burwell had only reached the last lot now in Tilbury on this road and encamped on this spot where the American Colonel Holmes bivouacked in the war of 1812 during the year 1817... .

Francais X. appears to have left his home at St. Jacques de l'Achigan, Montcalm Co. Que. early in the year 1812. His father writes him under date of May 21th. 1812 in a letter addresser "au detroit" beseeching him to return and that his mother was grieved and worried over his absence. President
Madison's proclamation of war soon followed his departure from his French Canadian home and we find the young man at le detroit enlisted with the British forces and serving at Fort Meigs, Riviere au Raisin and Fort Malden. For this service he received a medal from the British government.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

John Brisby

War of 1812 Pension And Bounty Land Application  - Fold3

Form Of Declaration For Surviving Officer Or Soldier
State of Tennessee
County of Maury
1 November 1850
John Brisby
Aged 67
Private in the Company Commanded By Captain [John] Dalton
2nd Regiment of the Tennessee Militia
Commanded by Col. [John] Cocke and by General [William] Carroll
In The War With Great Britain
Drafted At Williamson County, Tennessee ca 13 November 1814
Honorably Discharged in Franklin, Tennessee ca 20 May 1815

This document stated that Brisby participated in the Battle of New Orleans

Bounty Land - Soldier#: 5113 - 80 - 50
Bounty Land - Widow#: 48501 - 80 - 55

John Brisby married Rosey (or Rosa) Clendenin in  June 1805 in Sumner County, Tennessee.  The widow died in Culleoka, Maury, Tennessee, on April 6, 1873.  According to the record, the soldier died on either January 8th or 24th in either 1851 or 1852.

Testimony from James Orr of Marshall County, Tennessee, who had known Rosey (Clendenin) Brisby since 1796 and John Brisby since 1816.

Census  1850
Maury county, part of, Maury, Tennessee
Birth Year (Estimated): 1783
Birthplace: Virginia
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
John Brisby M 67 Virginia
Rosa Brisby F 64 North Carolina
Fanny Brisby F 25 Tennessee

Sunday, May 17, 2015

William Trousdale's First Wars

The William Trousdale Papers held at the Tennessee State Library and Archives:

"This collection is centered around William Trousdale, resident of Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee; veteran of the Creek War, 1813; private during the War of 1812, 1814-1815...Governor of Tennessee and United States Ambassador."

1813 Volunteered as private in Captain William Edward’s Company of Mounted  Riflemen; participated in Battles of Tallahatchie and Talladega during the  Creek War

1814 Re-enlisted; served as private in War of 1812, after being defeated for first lieutenant and third lieutenant; participated in Battle of Pensacola

1815 Participated in Battle of New Orleans; returned to Tennessee in the Spring 

Compiled Service Records of War of 1812 included:


Saturday, May 16, 2015

U.S. Marshall Duplessis

Chalmette Monument Commemorating The Battle Of New Orleans

From the U.S. Marshal's Service, History -   A Pirate, a Marshal, and the Battle of New Orleans:

"...Largely thanks to Jackson’s choice of position, good communication and resolve, the Americans won a decisive triumph."

"A sizeable portion of that good communication was carried forth by Marshal Peter Duplessis, and the United States will forever be the better for it."

Duplessis' pre-war activity mentioned: