Saturday, October 25, 2014

Worthless Mother?

Source - Unknown Ship

"On the 25th of October [1812] off the Western Islands she [The United States commanded by Commodore Decatur] fell in with the [HMS} Macedonian.... ."   "The superiority of the American gunnery in this action was very remarkable both for its greater rapidity and effect."

"The commodore arrived at New York on the 4th of December with his prize."

"....the generous conduct of our heroick seamen has uniformly drawn forth the praise of the enemy; all the private property belonging to the men and officers on board the Macedonian was restored to the captured..." "...their treatment was the most polite and humane."

The carpenter, who was unfortunately killed* in the conflict with the Macedonian, had left three small children to the care of a worthless mother. When the circumstance became known to the brave seamen, they instantly made a contribution amongst themselves to the amount of eight hundred dollars and placed it in safe hands, to be appropriated to the education and maintenance of the unhappy orphans. [Source]

John Archbold, ordinary seaman, Of wounds in action
Thomas Brown, boatswain's mate, In action
John M. Funk, Lieutenant, Of a wound
William Murray, seaman, In action
Henry Shephard, seaman, In action


Friday, October 24, 2014

Pre-War Proclamation And Complaints

An entry From Papers Of The War Department (Collection - Detroit Public Library: Timothy Pickering Papers):

October 12, 1797 Wilkinson's Proclamation and Related Documents Timothy Pickering James McHenry Pickering encloses General Wilkinson's proclamation [see below] at Detroit, John Askin's petition to General Wilkinson complaining about the proclamation, and Wilkinson's response to the complaint. Also included is Wilkinson's letter to the Justices of the British western district of Upper Canada and their answer.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Did Scandalously Combine.... injure and defame the character of his superior officer, captain Isaac Hull.

Niles' National Register, Volume 23:

"....Joel Abbot did...scandalously combine with surgeon Samuel R. Trevett, of the navy....scandalously combine with Cheever Felch, a chaplain in the navy....[and]...with lieutenant Henry Ward, of the navy.....".

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Band Of Brothers

From the Library of Congress, First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820, a letter written by
Isaac Shelby.

Camp at the mouth of Portage Upon Lake Erie
20th Oct. 1813

The Army having now returned to this place [from the Battle of the Thames].....October 20....united...a Band of Brothers.....

From The Battle of the Thames: In which Kentuckians ...:

"On October 20th the day following their arrival a general order was issued for the troops to return to Kentucky by way of Franklinton (Columbus), at which point those who had received government arms were to deposit them...".