Monday, February 8, 2016

Heard In A Niagara Tavern

An excerpt from A Study Of Disaffection In Upper Canada 1812-15, by Colonel Cruikshank, online, from the Brock Univesity library collection, below (slow loading PDF file):

"...while he was in a tavern at Niagara in 1807, he [Christian Schultz] heard a man say in the presence of ten or twelve others who gave no sign of disapproval that 'if Congress [of the United States] will only send us a flag and a proclamation declaring that whoever is found in arms against the United States shall forfeit his lands, we will fight ourselves free without any expense to them."'

Thursday, February 4, 2016

William Howard's Claim

The War of 1812 at Library and Archives of Canada included the War of 1812: Board of Claims for Losses, 1813-1848...:

There's an index of claims in a separate source here at the Global Genealogy site.  [William Howard's name was listed as being on pages 48 and 161]

Image 585  was this 48 or 161?

Claim #349
2 DW Class
[Class 2 is Damage done by the Enemy]
Yarmouth Township
London District
A horse taken by

William Howard (probably ours) postmarked an 1832 letter at Yarmouth.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Widow Margaret Cameron

War of 1812: Board of Claims for Losses, 1813-1848 (Microform: t-1126):

Margaret Cameron, widow of Donald (or Daniel) 

Image 104 indicated where loss was sustained was Crowland in Niagara and that Margaret was the widow of Donald.