Monday, May 4, 2015

The Third Expedition

Cecil County, Maryland, Map Source

From The Sassafras River Water Trail [Cecil County, Maryland, area]:

"On May 6, 1813, British Rear Admiral Sir George Cockburn led his naval forces up the Sassafras River to raid the twin ports of Georgetown and Fredericktown."

"The third expedition undertaken....".  H.M.S. Maidstone, off the Sassafras river, May 6th, 1813. (see below):


Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Great Disturber


Napoleon's land grab in Europe had consequences for North America.  Troops devoted to stopping him were not available for duty in America until the War of 1812 was well underway.

Per Maple Leaves:....

The great disturber of Europe, Napoleon the 1st, having been sent a prisoner...enabled Great Britain to send a portion of her veteran army, under the illustrious Wellington, to prosecute the war with America--the brunt of which had, for two years, been nobly sustained by the militia of Canada, assisted by the mere handful of regulars which had been left in the country.

Note: Napoleon specifically "disturbed" the Palm family as well:

We are distantly related to Johann Philip Palm who is famous in Europe as the person who was executed upon orders by Napoleon for "publishing and distributing libelous pamphlets about France and Napoleon."

Saturday, May 2, 2015

William Howard Served


A list of Canadian War of 1812 Veterans from the Elgin County Branch Of The Ontario Genealogical Society, included:

HOWARD, William, Pte., served under Captain David Secord 1814, 1815

Was our William Howard a private who served under Captain Secord?  It's possible.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Meeting At Hutchinson's Tavern

Room In Ohio [Not Hutchinson's Tavern]

From Personal memories, social, political, and literary, with sketches of many noted people, 1803-1843:

In the spring of 1812, the army, which was to be commanded by General Hull, began to assemble at
Cincinnati. Governor Meigs called out the First Division of Ohio militia, to meet at Hutchinson's Tavern, on the Colerain road. This was near our house, and I [E.D. Mansfield] went with my father to the place of meeting. The division was drawn out in line, and presented as motley an appearance as has ever been seen. Some of the men had rifles, but the greater part only sticks and cornstalks. As to uniform, there were all kinds of apparel, from hunting-shirts to butternut jackets.

"In 1811, Ezekiel [Hutchinson] purchased 400 acres of land in the Mill Creek Township. On this property, he opened a tavern and hotel called the Golden Lamb. This establishment was a resting point for travelers between Cincinnati and Hamilton, Ohio."[Source]

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Degredation Inflicted By Armstrong


The Life of Major-General William H. Harrison... ...:

General Armstrong's plan of the campaign submitted to the President on the 30th of April, 1814, left no doubt that General Harrison would not be assigned a command in the active operations of the year.

But the Secretary of War [Armstrong] was not content with the degredation he had inflicted upon the brave Harrison in withdrawing him from his command and withholding him from active service during the approaching campaign. 

He still persisted in interfering with his prerogatives as the commander of the district. His next unworthy act was to dispatch to Major Holmes, a subordinate officer at Detroit, an order to take two hundred men from that port and proceed on board of Commodore Sinclair's fleet destined for Mackinac. This proceeding on the part of the Secretary of War was a gross invasion of military propriety as well as a direct insult to General Harrison, whatever may have been the design.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pillage Of Maryland

"[Admiral] Cockburn had no idea of legitimate hostilities, but of pillage."

"...spring of 1813 the High-Flyer British tender was which prize were found Cockburn's own minutes [see below]...conduct at Frenchtown [Maryland] was thus registered in his log book entry dated April 29, 1813 [first entry below]:


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As A Soldier I Did My Duty

Statement of facts relative to Captain Le Breton's claims:

Le Breton: " a soldier I did my duty...". (Page 7)

General Henry Proctor: "I have already publicly acknowledged your exertion during the arduous service on the Miami, and on the 5th of May 1813...".

Lot 40
Lot #40 known as Richmond Landing (Robert Randall's original property)...; unfavorable opinion of Le Breton...Randall thought sale was not legal... .  If not legal why was Col. By authorized to purchase?

In Deeds: Captain John Le Breton, Colonel By And Bytown about his property problems.