Sunday, February 17, 2019

Accidental Hero

The Genesee country:

"One of my father's brothers became accidentally a hero at Black Rock.  The Americans were keeping a sharp watch day and night against surprose.  One evening my uncle was in a squad that was reconnoitering with lanterns near the edge of the cliff.  The officer decided to send some of the men down to the water's edge.  My uncle, in moving forward, lost his footing and tumbled down to the bottom.  He almost fell upon three British soldiers.  Taking in the situation at once, he shouted, 'Here they are, men, come on.'  The poor Britishers begged permission to surrender; and he took the three of them back to camp.  When they asked him how he captured them, he said, 'O, I surrounded them.'"

Friday, February 1, 2019

Fort Mitchell

"...the general [Floyd] continued his retrograde movement to Fort Mitchell where his men were honorably discharged, their term of service having expired. No other expedition against the Creeks was organized in Georgia."

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Battle Of Calabee Creek

"We return to the Georgia troops. Having his force increased to about seventeen hundred men and with his four hundred Indians, General Floyd moved into the Calabee Valley...".

"...[the Native Americans] suddenly sprang from their lair in the undergrowth of the creek and made a furious assault about daylight. A charge soon drove them into the recesses of the swamp with severe loss. But the cautious Floyd was effectually checked and his campaign brought to a premature close."  [Source]