Friday, March 23, 2018

Falls Of Ohio

Falls of Ohio Mural

Letter written by Colonel Jonas Simonds of the 6th Infantry (23rd March 1811?) from his post at Fort Fayette:


"...for better security of the transports under my command in descending the river--but I find no authorized pilot in that place or any authority for the employ of one.... ."  "...fully secure without employing a citizen pilot--except for the Falls of the Ohio."


Monday, March 12, 2018

Michigan Once More Fell To The Ownership Of The United States

Fort Michilimackinac (On The Shore Of The Straits Of Mackinac)

Michigan History, Volume 5:

"The War for American Independence brought this area in name only under the control of the new American Government since it was not until 1798 that the British soldiers relinquished the military posts on the American side of the international boundary and the feebleness of the American hold upon all this region is well illustrated by the ease with which it was reconquered by the English in the War of 1812. The treaty of peace which terminated this war restored the easternmost of the Great Lakes as a part of the international boundary and Michigan once more fell to the ownership of the United States."

Dow Gardens In Midland, Michigan