Monday, November 28, 2016

Gilbert C. Russell

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Source - Fold3
Baton Rouge
April 4, 1811
Cols Cushing and Sparks "in arrest" and their treaty
commence on the 15th
An unkind description of Major H. Mullen's wife
Whose reputation was known in St. Louis circa 1805
And Washington Cantonment circa 1809 or 1810
Russell Offered Himself To Be A
Chickasaw Agent 
Laying Within The Limits Of
Tennesse And Kentucky

Friday, November 25, 2016

Fowler's Bounty Land Denied


Thomas Fowler
Died In Service: 4 November 1812
3 Minor Children
Widow: Lucy Ann Fowler
Captain Zachariah Rossell's Company
16th Regiment Infantry
...bounty land was relinquished in November 1818, and in lieu thereof...was paid to Mrs. Lucy Ann Fowler...the 5 years half pay pension...Act of Congress...16th April 1816...Hence, there is nothing due in bounty land, or Pension, to the widow or heirs of the aforesaid Thomas Fowler, dec'd, under any existing law whatever... .

The Fowler family received payment in lieu of bounty similar to the circumstances of  Elizabeth Acklin Hinds.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Successful Raid On French Mills

Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microform: c-2141
Petition 91

Memorial of Alexander McMillan of the Town of Brockville, Esquire
Captain, Second Glengarry Regiment

From the "Paper Sleuth" paper at Electric Scotland:

"In 1967, I located Donald MacMillan, a great-grandson of Alexander, who owned a trucking firm in East Brunswick, New Jersey. He had carefully preserved his great-grandfather’s handmade French Canadian style armchair. Family legend had it that the chair was made by the St Regis Indians near Cornwall, Ontario, as a token of their regard for his leadership in the successful raid on French Mills, New York, on November 23, 1812. At that time, he was Lieutenant-Colonel of the 2nd Regiment of Glengarry Militia." [Source]

Friday, November 18, 2016

Aquilla Greer(s)

Mentioned were Aquilla Greer Sr., Aquilla Greer, Jr. and a cousin, also named Aquilla Greer, in the military pension documents.

From Fold3:

Served in Georgia with Captain John Browning, 2nd Regiment, Georgia militia, commanded by Colonel Jenkins until his death and after that Colonel Daniel Newnan, in the was with the Creek Indians.

Both Aquilla Greer, Jr., and Aquilla Greer, Sr., entered the service with Captain John Browning

Volunteered in Green County, Georgia at Jonathan Harrelson's house
Discharged at Fort Hawkins (another document said Milledgeville, Georgia on 10 March 1814)

Also lived in Pike County, Georgia.

Aquilla Greer was a resident of Spaulding County, Illinois.

Referred to as Aquilla Greer, Jr.

Robert Allen, witness, further testified that he knew Aquilla Greer, Sr., and knew of his discharge on account of his disability.  A cousin, also named Aquilla Greer, was was noted that his cousin was rejected because he was small and sickly.  Last time he knew the whereabouts of his cousin, the cousin was in Illinois.
"..being one of the same name who was rejected? and not mustered into service at all."
"And that the aforesaid Aquilla Greer was son of Eliza Greer fifer for the company in said war" Robert Allen, subscribing witness, Spaulding County, Georgia [Source  Fold3]

The Descendants of Aquilla Greer, Sr (our Johnson connection here).  Aquilla, who married Elizabeth Welch, was found here.  Not all information seems to coordinate with War of 1812 pension/bounty land file.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Usually Gave No Quarter

The Most Famous Native American Fighter In The War*

Our troops surrendered because of the character of the Indians and, wrote Captain John Askin, who commanded 280 of..[them], "It was a fortunate circumstance that the fort surrendered without firing a single gun, for had they done so, I firmly believe not a soul of them would have been saved." That the [Native Americans] gave no quarter, or if they took prisoners, took them only to torture them, was well known, of course, to the troops of the United States and also the white British soldiers. The white British officers generally did not attempt to restrain...[them], and gave the remarkable excuse that to restrain them was impossible.  [Source]

*It is generally believed that Tecumseh did not mistreat prisoners

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mrs. Powers' Claim

The War of 1812 at Library and Archives of Canada included the War of 1812: Board of Claims for Losses, 1813-1848...:

"This claim is made by Mrs. Powers (in Niagara) and next of kin to the late *D. Spilmann, to whom the property belonged."

*Daniel? Spilman?  There was a burial of Daniel Spilman in Niagara on November 14, 1814.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

John Snay Deserted At Detroit

Army Register of Enlistments...:

#20. Snay, John B., Private, 13th U.S.A. (13th made 5th after May 17/15)
Captain S. W. Kearney

Source - Fold3

One name with two sets of personal information.

5'4", blue, brown/light, 21, Laborer, b. St. James, England...
5'2", Gry, dark, 27, b. St. Johns, Canada....