Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Thrilling Experience

Tall Ship On The Great Lakes

"He had one thrilling experience in the war of 1812. He belonged to an Artillery Company stationed at Fort Ontario in Oswego. One day the British man-of-war 'Royal George' sailed into the Port, or near enough to seem very threatening--'Our men were all called to action, and every thing made ready for battle with the British; but after a short time the war vessel turned and left in peace."

Friday, April 6, 2018

Letter To Wilkinson

Archives Online At Indiana University, specifically War of 1812....with an example:

Excerpt Of Letter Described Below

1798 Apr. 6
McHenry, James, 1753-1816
Autographed letter draft 1 p. 26 cm.
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War Department. To James Wilkinson. Deals with recruiting in Kentucky.
Purchased. Source unknown. 1944-1945
McHenry, James, 1753-1816, United States Secretary of War
Recruiting and enlistment
Wilkinson, James, 1757-1825, General