Friday, September 30, 2011

Captain Thomas Forster

 One of the notables buried in Erie [PA] Cemetery:

Thomas Forster (1762-1836)
Born near Harrisburg, he served in the Revolution and was a colonel of volunteers during Whiskey Rebellion and also served as captain in the War of 1812. Forster was a collector for the Port of Erie (1799-1836), and was the originator of the Erie and Waterford Turnpike.

Forster's papers are found in the University of Pennsylvania's Van Pelt Rare Book Collection and described as follows:

Thomas Forster Correspondence: letters, documents, accounts, 1793-1837, of Colonel Forster (1762-1836), who led a volunteer regiment during the Whiskey Insurrection and was the first surveyor of the City of Erie, where he served as Collector of the Port from 1799 to 1836.

From the History of Erie County, Pennsylvania:

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