Monday, September 12, 2011

War of 1812 Index Of Awards Of Claims Of Soldiers

From Index of Awards of Claims of Soldiers - War of 1812, 1860, Adjutant...,  [NY State]:

# Name of Applicant    Residence    Amt     Allowed

4,971 Richmond, David Kingston, MI 21.00
8,003 Richmond, Ebenezer Independence, Allegany, NY 60.50
5,306 Richmond, Geo by Exec. Wilson, Niagara Co., NY 43.
10,408* " " "  *Duplicate
329 Richmond, James, Syracuse, NY 59.00
8523 Backus, Cornelius Evans, NY
12960 Backus, Frederick**, Essex Co., Upper Canada 55.00
14226 Backus, John, by widow Tompkins Co., NY 55. [My John Backus?]
14551 Backus, Simeon, Livingston Co., MI 38.00
11997 Backus, William Stark, Herkimer Co., NY 39.50
14313 Baccus, Christian by widow Will Co., IL 73.00
1,077 Acker, Bartholemew Cato, Cayuga Co., NY 103.00
5,991 Acker, George, by widow, Tully, NY 103.00
6,309 Acker, Silas, Livonia, NY 73.00***
4,949 Adams, James, Genesee Co., MI, 38.00
7,833 Allen, Joseph, Northville, MI
2,617 Allen, John, Bruce, Macomb, MI
2,616 Allen, William, Bruce, Macomb, MI
7,300 Allen, William, Grand Blanc, MI
9,176 Carpenter, Clark C., Elba, MI
14,603 Carr, Caleb, Lapeer Co., MI

** Canada Census, 1871
 Name:     Frederick Bachus
Age:     81
Calculated Birth Year:     1790
Country or Province of Birth:     U S
Ethnic Origin:     Ductch
Religion:     Presbeterian
Census Place:     01, West Tilbury n, Essex 01, Ontario
    Frederick Bachus     M     81
    Ellen Bachus     F     51

Didn't realize that the book is online [1880 version] when I extracted these at the Allen Co., Library, in Fort Wayne, but since I only extracted a few, it's nice to have the online version for a reference.

The State of New York Archives holdings for the publication referenced above is listed here and related materials here.

***Silas Acker was the father of Newman Acker. Newman was the son-in-law of my ancestor, Elijah Richmond.

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