Monday, October 24, 2011

Sir Peter Parker, From A Biographical Memoir

A Biographical Memoir of the Late Sir Peter Parker....

 In the month of May, 1810... he was appointed to the command of a new frigate of a large class, the Menelaus, of 38 guns... . She was, in all respects, worthy of her gallant commander, to whom was committed the care of fitting her for sea in the most efficient and expeditious manner. The active eye of her captain was every where, to render her perfect as a ship of war; and in this object he eminently succeeded.

 On sailing, Sir Peter Parker turned all hands up, and read to them the official letter from Captain Brooke, of the Shannon frigate, detailing the capture of the Chesapeake. He then said to them—" My good fellows, it is my determination never to strike the glorious British colours to the American flag."

Anxious to defeat their [American forces] purpose, to drive them from a position which threatened the safety of the Menelaus, to procure intelligence for his admiral... .  ... Sir Peter Parker determined upon an immediate attack. It was at this time, while animating his men in the most heroic manner, that Sir Peter Parker received his mortal wound, which obliged him to quit the field, and he expired in a few minutes.

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