Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Events Of The War Seen By The Harrington Family

From the Pioneer Society of Michigan:

"Soon after the war of 1812 broke out and the country was filled with hostile Indians. The government erected Fort Stevenson* establishing a military post there for the protection of the settlement. This fort was located about half a mile from Jeremiah's [Harrington's] farm."

*Near present-day Fremont, Ohio.

Marrying again in 1813 Jeremiah removed to Delaware [Ohio], where he continued farming. It was near this point, where the troops marching north, passed, and the prisoners captured at Perry's victory on their way to Chillicothe for safe keeping. Among the earliest recollections of Dauiel the subject of our sketch, are those of seeing the troops as they encamped in the open timber near his father's home.

Though it was after the war, I thought this biographical nugget was interesting:

In the fall of 1816 Jeremiah removed to the town of Delaware, occupying one half of a house, into the other half of which soon after, removed the parents of Rutherford B. Hayes.

In the spring of 1819...Jeremiah Harrington...started for Saginaw Bay, on a fur trading expedition... Daniel—then a mere boy of 12—was allowed to accompany them.  ...stopping first at Monroe, and then at Detroit, where Daniel well remembers seeing the naked chimneys standing on the Canadian side, as monuments of the destruction caused by the war of 1812 and 1814.

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