Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nathan Towson And The 2nd U.S. Atillery Marched Towards Canada


From  The British invasion of Maryland...:

  Within six weeks after the declaration of war Captain Nathan Towson of the 2nd United States Artillery, with a company of volunteer artillery from Baltimore City and County, marched north to take part in the Canadian invasion.  A little later the City of Baltimore sent nearly a full regiment of infantry under the command of Colonel William H. Winder, for the Canadian service, fifteen thousand dollars having been subscribed by the citizens for the equipment of the regiment.  On October 5, 1812, another company of a hundred men, under the command of Captain Stephen H. Moore*, marched from Baltimore to join colonel Winder's forces.

According to the Napoleon Series: War of 1812 Issue 9, Baltimore Volunteers:

*"Also en route to Canada was the Baltimore Volunteers, led by Captain Stephen H. Moore, which had had the distinction of being the only known Maryland state unit to take part in the invasion of Canada."

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