Sunday, January 15, 2012

Post-War - Perrysburg, Ohio

Following the War of 1812, settlers reestablished the river town nicknamed "Orleans of the North" thinking that it would become a commercial rival to New Orleans in the Louisiana Territory.  Built on the Maumee River, the town never reached its potential and was wiped out twice by spring ice flows.  In 1816 the federal government platted a new town higher on the bluff, and Major Amos Spafford named it Perrysburg, spelling it Perrysburgh.  In honor of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's decisive naval victory over the British fleet in Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  The main street was named Louisiana Avenue.  Wood county was formed in 1820 and included the town of Maumee, which separated in 1835 when Lucas county was formed.  Perrysburg was the county seat in 1823 until it was officially moved to Bowling Green in 1875.  Major Spafford died in 1818 and was buried on his land west of Fort Meigs.

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