Thursday, January 12, 2012

William Tom And Kessiah Hines

William Tom was a veteran of the battles of Horseshoe Bend and New Orleans in the War of 1812.  His military service extended to the Republic of Texas and the Texas Rangers.  He is buried at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, Texas.

William Tom's 2nd wife was Kessiah Hines -- I still wonder if she was Kessiah Hinds, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds and sister of my Ann (Hinds) Rice.  The Kessiah Hinds in my family and Kit Acklin, a Texas Ranger, were cousins.  Was it a Texas Ranger connection that brought William Tom and Kessiah Hines together?  Note:  Although I use "Hinds," the name can also be written as "Hines."

The information on the handout sheet was obtained from the office of the Texas State Cemetery during our visit there. 

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