Friday, February 17, 2012

Buried At Fort Mackinac Or Not

From Historic Mackinac:...:

We have no definite record of the first interments in this cemetery but know that the men who fell with Major Holmes in his disastrous attempt to recapture the Fort from the British in 1814 were buried in it.

Of the unknown it is unwritten history handed down from one generation to another that fourteen men who fell in the battle of 1814 are buried in Sections E and G. There are also buried in the same sections two officers and four privates of the British Army who died during the period the Fort was occupied by the British 1812 to 1815.

Major Holmes was buried in Detroit, although there is no cemetery near Gratiot, Beaubien and Antoine Streets now where his body was buried.  This article stated that all bodies were removed from that area to either Mt. Elliott Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery or Woodmere Cemetery.

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