Sunday, March 18, 2012

Was DeGarmo Jones A Drummer Boy?

George C Bates says that DeGarmo Jones was a drummer boy in 1812.

"Sudden and quick in quarrel, with a temper requiring a curb bit, Mr Jones was a sort of western Vanderbilt, with a great big head enlarged views interesting industry, who saw far ahead into the future, and had he lived longer, would have cut deeper and deeper into the tablet of time his career, for he was a most public spirited, enterprising, go ahead man." 

He was born in Albany, N.Y., November 11, 1787, married Catherine H. Annin and came to Detroit in 1819.  He died November 14, 1846.  SOURCE:  The city of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922, Volume 2

Did DeGarmo Jones carry a drum similar to this one?  Or was he a sutler?


DeGarmo Jones was a successful businessman who was also a mayor of Detroit in 1839.

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