Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Destroyed Forge And Mills On The Banks Of The Niagara

In 1798, Robert Randall, Esquire, then a young gentleman of respectable connections, large pecuniary resources, and good credit, emigrated from Maryland, his native State, to the District of Niagara, in Canada, with the intention of erecting and establishing extensive iron works, near the Falls of Niagara, and of carrying on the business of manufacturing wheat-flour there.

Mr. Randall erected his forge and manufactured cast and bar iron on the banks of the Niagara ; his mills were burnt and his forge destroyed by the enemy during the War uf 1812. 

It is presumed that he was the first manufacturer of wrought iron in the Canadas... .  [Source]

William Lyon Mackenzie was an executor of Mr. Randal(l)'s estate.

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