Friday, April 6, 2012

Fort Stephenson

The Sandusky County Scrapbook and the Battle of Fort Stephenson photo gallery featured a sketch of Fort Stephenson by James Kirk in 1873 when Kirk was 86 years old.  Kirk was a soldier there in 1813.

More information about the collaboration between J. P. Moore and James Kirk referenced in the Sandusky County Scrapbook can be found below.

From the Remarks of J. P. Moore:

James Kirk and a man named Figley, both of whom worked on the old fort before the battle of August 2, 1813..... .
The company to which James Kirk belonged came to the fort June 1, 1813, and worked here until the arrival of the British and Indians the day before the battle.  James Kirk himself had been detailed to carry dispatches to Fort Seneca the day before the battle so that he was not present but came down early on the morning of August 3 and helped bury the British dead. 

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