Sunday, April 15, 2012

From The Autobiography Of Peter Jones

Life and journals of Keh-ke-wa-guo-na-ba: (Rev. Peter Jones,) Wesleyan missionary is the story of  Reverend Peter Jones who was an associate of Rev. Isaac Brock Howard.  Reverend Howard was the brother of my great-great-great grandmother, Ann (Howard) Kennedy.

Excepts from Rev. Jones' story:

In the war which took place in the year 1812, between Great Britain and the United States, my people and many other Indians came from the Western Lakes, joined the British, and rendered them great service, as has been repeatedly testified by men of understanding.

I was too young to take up the tomahawk against the enemy, and therefore was not engaged in the war. Well, however, do I recollect being told that the " Yankees " were coming into Canada to kill all the Indians, and wondering what kind of beings the Yankees could be, I fancied they were some invincible munedoos. My old grandmother, Puhgashkish, was supposed to have been killed at the time York, now Toronto, was taken by the Americans, for being a cripple she had to be left behind when the Indians fled into the backwoods, and nothing was ever afterwards heard of her.

The day after the battle of Stoney Creek, my brother John and myself went and viewed the 'battle field, and were horrified at seeing the dead strewed over every part of the ground. Some of the bodies were greatly mangled with cannon balls ; such are the horrors of war.

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