Sunday, April 8, 2012

John Le Breton Of Le Breton Flats

From the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online:

...he [Le Breton] became deputy assistant quartermaster general at Quebec, a temporary staff appointment he held until March 1812. Between April and October he acted as adjutant of the Voltigeurs Canadiens; in November he returned to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, serving as an assistant engineer.

An aggressive officer whose ambition outreached his achievements, Le Breton nevertheless participated with distinction in nine actions during the War of 1812.

Secretly he was to assess the Americans’ strength at Detroit and on Lake Erie.   See a letter written by Le Breton here.

He was severely wounded and disabled at Lundy’s Lane in July 1814. Between July 1815 and April 1816 he was on leave in England and in the Canadas. Promoted captain in the 60th Foot in March 1816, he went on half pay later that month.

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