Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pre-War Hostilities In The Illinois Territory

On June 28, 1809, Nicholas Jarrot, of Cahokia, made affidavit that Messrs Portier and Bleakly, of Prairie du Chien, were inciting Indians to hostility and furnishing them arms and ammunition, with the result that the Indians along the Mississippi became audacious and warlike. In fact it may be said that by reason of such conduct in conjunction with the influence of the agents stationed at the mouth of Rock River, Ft. Madison was threatened during the winter of 1808-9 and on April 19, 1809, Lieut. Alpha Kingsley, commandant, reported rumors of a contemplated attack upon him and wrote: "The sooner the British traders are shut out of the river the better for our country."

See the above excerpt (and more) from Transactions of the Illinois State.....

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