Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Privateer Captain Otway Burns

Correction to the original post:  Below is a portrait of Captain Otway Burns.

Update and correction:  The portrait below is a depiction of Captain Owen Burns, Otway's son, not Otway Burns as originally posted.

From Captain Otway Burns, patriot, privateer and legislator ...:


It was probably required that application for letters of Marque and Reprisal should be renewed before each voyage for we have a copy of the application made by Captain Burns on July 1, 1813.  In that he specifies that the vessel is of 147 tons burthen named "Snap Dragon", number of crew 75, armament 5 carriage guns, 50 muskets and 4 blunderbusses, Captain, Otway Burns; First Lieutenant James Brown.

Otway Burns was born in the county of Onslow... .  He was born on Queen's Creek two miles from Swannsboro in the year 1775.  His father also named Otway Burns was born at the same place. The father of the latter, Francis Burns, settled in North Carolina in 1734, coming from Glasgow Scotland.

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