Thursday, May 10, 2012

Major Amos Stoddard - War of 1812 - Fort Meigs

Major Amos Stoddard died on May 11, 1813, at Fort Meigs.

A description of the Amos Stoddard papers:

Amos Stoddard was born October 26, 1762, in Woodbury, Connecticut. He saw service in the American Revolution. After the war he studied law and in 1791 was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. On June 4, 1798, he was appointed captain of artillery in the United States Army, and on June 30, 1807, he was given the rank of major. Stoddard was wounded during the siege of Fort Meigs, Ohio, and died of tetanus a few days later on May 11, 1813.

Amos Stoddard in the Papers of the War Department.

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