Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raid Of Buffalo Fort

Historic Timeline of the War of 1812 
1813 March 30, Raid of Buffalo Fort (Missouri, US)

A fort was settled on and immediately commenced on the Alex Allison farm two miles south of Louisiana [Missouri]. An underground passage was made to a spring not far away. In the year 1812 no harm came to them and they were thrown off their guard.  But in the following March Capt. Robert Jordan and his son James were shot and scalped by the Indians while working on their farms. Today a memorial stone at their graves in the old Buffalo cemetery keeps the visitors continually reminded of those dangerous days. [Source]

Site of 
Buffalo Fort
Built In December 1811
To Protect The 
Twenty-Five Families
From Hostile Indians
Erected By Pike County Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
July 1917

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