Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Featuring Needham Hemingway

Included in the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana, is "Our Military Heritage."  One name included in the War of 1812 category was Needham Hemingway, a name familiar to me:

From my Richmonds & Connected Lineages blog:


A Tale of Two Ernests (Hemingway)

A newspaper account connecting the author Ernest Hemingway with the Oakland Co., Michigan, Hemingways, can be found here.  

A Richmond descendant, Bryon Richmond, married Daisy, daughter of Ernest Needham Hemingway.  Daisy was the granddaughter ofHenry L. Hemingway.  She was the great-granddaughter of Needham Hemingway who was an Oakland County pioneer mentioned in the article.

See what the Genealogy Center has for Needham Hemingway here (lots of good information).

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