Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Abraham Fuller Hull

General William Hull had one son, Abraham Fuller Hull, and seven daughters.

Captain Abraham Fuller Hull, of the Ninth Infantry, died on July 25, 1814;  killed at Lundy's Lane.

His burial is described in the History of the Ninth U.S. Infantry:

Only one other body of an American has been dug up on the battle-field of Lundy's Lane.  It was that of Captain Abraham F. Hull of the Ninth Infantry, to which regiment of the nine other Yankees, as their buttons showed, belonged.  The bones of Captain Hull, unearthed several years ago, were reburied in an isolated spot at the south end of Drummond Hill Cemetery.  The grave into which the remains of his nine comrades were laid yesterday is close beside it.

From Memoir of Gen. William Hull:

As his father's aide, Captain A.F. Hull signed "Hull's Proclamation" in July of 1812.

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