Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Conflict Still Most Forgotten?

An interesting Slate Magazine article entitled Happy 200th Birthday, War of 1812 (A primer on America’s most bumbling, most confusing, and most forgotten conflict), included the following excerpts:

"The war plays out as a disappointing second act to the Revolution, with the nation suddenly at the whim of Europeans and Indians and riven by internal dissent, and the heroes and heirs of 1776 acting without the pluck and ingenuity that we expect of them. How are we to commemorate that?"

[In a comparison to the Civil War] "It's hard to imagine a flurry of 1812 books flying off the shelves, or the New York Times commissioning a blog series* about the conflict. "

*Perhaps the New York Times won't have a blog about the War of 1812, but I do!

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