Friday, July 27, 2012

William Tom, 1812 Soldier & Texas Patriot

At one point I thought that William Tom's wife, Kesiah Hinds, might have been related; that theory has been dispelled, but the Toms are interesting in their own right.

From Early Settlers and Indian Fighters of Southwest Texas, a biography of William Tom's son, that included a mini-bio of William:

Who served under
General Jackson
in the Creek War, 1813
Soldier in the Army of Texas, 1835
Born in Maury County, Tennessee
January 12, 1792
Died in Guadalupe County, Texas
February 15, 1871

His Wife
Kissiah Hines Tom
Born October 15, 1805
Died July 13, 1862

In 1860 the Tom family was living in Guadalupe Co., Texas. The census stated that Kissiah was born in North Carolina.

United States Census, 1850
Residence:     Guadalupe county, Guadalupe, Texas
Household    Gender    Age
    William Tom     M     58y
      Keziah Tom     F     45y
    Houston Tom     M     21y
    William Tom     M     17y
    Nancy Tom     F     15y
    George Tom     M     10y
    Dudley Tom     M     4y
    Philepa Morehead     F     22y
    Jane Morehead     F     2y
    Sarah Morehead     F     2m

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