Thursday, August 9, 2012

Battle Of Maguaga

From The War of 1812 Website:

On the afternoon of August 9th the Americans arrived at the Indian [Wyandot] village of Maguaga [now Trenton, Michigan]. The column was surprised and ambushed by Tecumseh who had about 70 warriors with him, 60 Canadian Militia and a detachment of 75 British regulars from the 41st Regiment. This force was under the command of Major Adam Muir. In the confusion of the battle the British mistakenly fired at the Indians on their right flank. Facing heavy American fire power the British were forced to withdraw making their way quickly to the boats they retreated back to Fort Malden.
The battle as described at Wikipedia.

From The Pictorial Field-book of the War of 1812; Or, Illustrations:

The battle from the Canadian point of view.

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