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Land Grants For Canadian Officers

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Officers of the British forces in Canada during the war of 1812-15  By Canadian Military Institute, compiled their list of officers through grants of land records.  The book does provide a mini-bio for the soldiers listed.

"The accompanying list of officers, who served during the War of 1812-15, are compiled from the records of the grants of land made in Upper Canada to officers, non-commissioned officers and men who had served in "the first flank Companies, the Provincial Artillery, the Incorporated Regiment, the Corps of Artillery Drivers, the Provincial Dragoons, the Marine and General Staff of the Army," and in Lower Canada, to "the officers and men of the Embodied Militia, discharged troops and others."  All those who participated in the Prince Regent's Bounty, as these land grants were called, are indicated by a star* in front of their respective names."

*An example of those with stars in front of their names

#4: Captain Stephen Jarvis died at Toronto in 1840.  Here is a screen shot showing (partial) results for Stephen Jarvis (who may or may not be the individual found in the book above) named in land petitions in a search for Upper Canada Land Petitions (and here's my tutorial about how to find the actual petition(s)):

Looking for the petition found on item #6 in the results (C-2109, Bundle J10, Petition 34).  The petition started on Image/Page 906 and ended on Image/Page 911 of C-2109. 

Jarvis was used as an example in an effort to connect an individual listed in the book with their land petition(s).  If he was one of my ancestors (he isn't), I would look for all 10 petitions listed under Stephen Jarvis (7 shown in screenshot above).

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