Saturday, September 15, 2012

Poem Of The Battle Of North Point

The Battle of North Point: a poem commemorative of September 12th, 1814...
By William Matthew Marine (excerpted below):

The clouds hung o'er the threatened coast,
Above the bluff the shore the strand,
 Where the imperial red-coat host,
 In barges rowed toward the land.
 Upon the beach strewn pebbles lay,
 Smoothed by the water's polishing.
 Where ebbs and flowing tides held sway,
 To dashing breakers murmuring.
 The river rolled great waves of scorn,
 Indignant at the sight beheld;
 Its wrath was roused that early morn,
 And troublous billows dashed and swelled.
 The Briton crossed the deep to siege,
 To storm the heights of Baltimore,
 And wreak his malice and his rage,
 To light the torch upon this shore.
 From decks of oak the soldier proud,
 Marched in the ranks to serve his King.

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