Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Unidentified Deserter

Who was this deserter from Conesus?

"During the War of 1812 a drafted soldier from Conesus deserted from the army, then lying near Buffalo, and took refuge in this gully, then so thickly wooded along its margin as to be almost inaccessible.  The period was mid-winter, and as he was aware that a reward had been offered for his arrest, he kept closely concealed during the day-time in a nest he had formed for himself among the upper branches of a venerable hemlock tree, closely surrounded by smaller trees.  At night he was in the habit of visiting a neighboring log hut for his food.  Officers scoured the gully several times, but did not succeed in discovering his hiding-place."

Conesus is a town in Livingston County, New York, but Livingston was not a county during the War of 1812 (the county was formed in 1821 from Ontario and Genesee counties).

Was he one of Brigadier General William Wadsworth's men?  The General was from Geneseo (now Livingston County). has 622,984 images in the War of 1812 Index to Service Records, 1812-1815, file that one could browse through to look for possible suspects!

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