Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Court Of Enquiry

According to The Weekly Register, Volume 3, a court of enquiry was requested by Captain Henry Brush in order to clear his name. The enquiry was held and Brush was absolved of any wrongdoing. 

The court of enquiry called at the request of captain Brush, after hearing the testimony addressed, are of opinion, and report upon same, that during said campaign captain Brush behaved, in all things, as became a prudent and brave officer--that reports derogatory to his character as an officer and soldier could have arisen only from the want of a knowledge of his situation, and that no imputation whatever ought to rest upon captain Brush. 
JAMES DENNY, PresidentR. DOUGLASS, J. Adv. _ Rec'r
The court of Enquiry, of which major Denny is president, is hereby dissolved. 
JOHN FERGUSON, Col. Commanding 2d Brigade, 2d division, Ohio militia

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