Monday, November 26, 2012

A Canadian Hero's Death At Fort Erie

Colonel Hercules Scott, of Brotherton, Scotland, was one of the heroes of 1812, and was killed on the 15th of August, in the same year, by receiving a musket ball in his breast, after leading the 103rd Regiment in the most gallant manner to the attack of Fort Erie, (having carried the out works by assault and the fort by escalade).  In him the service lost a most valuable, active, and zealous officer. [Source]

Plans Of The Siege Operations Of Fort Erie

His remains were interred the same evening in the presence of the survivors of his regiment, attended by the only three officers who came out of the fort unhurt, the regiment having retreated after the fall of their leader, in consequence of the Americans having blown up a platform by which two hundred brave fellows were killed or wounded. [Source]


Before the Battle of Fort Erie, Colonel Hercules Scott fought at Lundy's Lane.

Pictures of reenactors at Fort Erie here.

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