Saturday, November 17, 2012

Documenting Tippecanoe

From A journal of two campaigns of the Fourth Regiment of U. S. Infantry : in the Michigan and Indiana territories, under the command of Col. John P. Boyd, and Lt. Col. James Miller, during the years 1811 & 12, the Battle of Tippecanoe:
"The dreadful attack was first received by a Company of regulars, under the command of Capt. Barton, and a Company of Militia, commanded by Capt. Geiger, — their men had not the least notice of the approach of the Indians until they were aroused by a horrid yell and a discharge of rifles at the very door of their tents ; considerable confusion ensued in these two companies, before they could be formed in any regular order ; but notwithstanding the disorder this sudden attack created, the men were not wanting in their duty — they sprang from their tents and discharged their pieces upon the enemy, with great execution, and kept their ground good until relief could be brought them."

[Partial] List of killed and wounded of the 4th Regiment U.S. Infantry, in the battle of Tippecanoe:

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