Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dr. Robert Kerr

From the Grimsby Museum Digital Collections, Assistant Surgeon Appointment: Letter from Dr Robert Kerr to Dr Cyrus Sumner- July 22, 1814
Description: A letter from Dr. Robert Kerr to Dr. Cyrus Sumner (1772-1834) appointing him Assistant Surgeon at the hospital in Niagara during the War of 1812. His pay is quoted as one dollar and a half per day.
Sumner....was requested by Major-General Brock to accompany him to Detroit. 

Signature from the letter referenced above

Dr. Kerr in the Indian Department:

(8) Surgeons Robert Kerr. Niagara.  27 April, 1788.....
(8)  Arrived at Quebec, 13 Sept., 1776, as Hospital Mate.  Served on Burgoyne's expedition of 1777 (prisoner); also under Clinton; went to Halifax, N.S., 1778.  Surgeon Royal Reg't. of New York (Sir John Johnson's), 1779--24 June, 1784; Surgeon to the Loyalists, 24 Oct., 1784; Surgeon Indian Dept., 27 Apr., 1788.  Married a daughter of Sir William Johnson, 1st Bart., by Molly Brant.  Died at Albany, N.Y., March 1825, aged 60. [Source]

A present day, simulated "interview" with Dr. Robert Kerr!

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