Saturday, November 3, 2012

General Jackson's Army In Huntsville

Davy Crockett was part of Colonel Coffee's expedition:

....on 26 September, Col. John Coffee and 500 men  moved south to Huntsville. General Jackson and about 3500 men joined Col. Coffee at  Huntsville on 11 October.

A cavern between Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama -- were Jackson's forces ever here?

On 3 November 1813, the entire force surrounded  and  destroyed the Indian village of Tallushatchee, killing all the men and capturing the  women and children. On 9 November, the force surrounded the 1000 hostile Creeks  that had the friendly Indian village of Talledega under siege. With the intention of destroying the hostiles, General Jackson pushed forward his attack, but due to the lack of vigor on the part of one unit, 700 Indians broke through a gap in the circle and escaped.  Because of the poor condition of his men, the lack of provisions for a prolonged campaign and the fact  that only wounded men were holding the fort, he returned to Fort Strother.

PHILIP PIPKIN - A TENNESSEE MILITIAMAN, source of above, was also the source of the David Hunt, mutineer, story.

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