Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mrs. Doyle At Cantonment Greenbush

A letter archived at (and NARA) bore the date line Cantonment Greenbush 4 April 1814.  It was written by Col. Simon Larned, and had a return of the women and children at that location, including Mary Doyle, whose husband, Andrew, was taken prisoner and shipped to England:

"Mrs. Doyle who lived near Niagara Fort, had her Husband Andrew Doyle taken prisoner & sent to England, being born in Canada but not residing there since he was 4 years old, the woman is a great Heroine She served the cannon in the fort one day, and at various other times; the day before the Enemy took the fort, she encouraged the Militia who was rather timid, by putting on the dress & arms of a soldier....".


Mary Doyle - 23 [Regt] - Andrew Doyle - 3 [children] - prisoner & sent to England - - Niagara

Most of the material written about Mrs. Doyle's heroism states that her name was Betsey, and sometimes identified as Fanny.  This report obviously calls her Mary Doyle.

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