Saturday, February 16, 2013

Siege From Darnell's Journal


Darnell's Journal, A journal containing an accurate and interesting ... included the entry below that referred to the Siege of Fort Wayne:

[About 12 September 1812]

Winchester's campaign. seemed to shake the boasted valor of some of our bravest heroes.

This day's march was twenty miles to Fort Wayne... . 

Our arrival at this fort gave great joy to the inhabitants, who were one company of regular troops and a few families. The Indians had closely invested the fort for several days, and burned the United States factory and all the other valuable houses which were not inside of the stockading. Three of our men who were caught out of the fort were killed by the Indians. 

The Indians encamped about the fort two weeks before they made the attack on it, and were admitted in by Captain Rhea, the commanding officer of the garrison, who would have surrendered to the savages, had it not been for his lieutenant, who defended the fort with great bravery. Three Indians were killed and a few wounded. Captain [James] Rhea was arrested and would have been broken had he not resigned.

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