Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Mournful Tragedy Of David Hunt

One of the mutineers who was ordered to be executed by General Andrew Jackson was David Hunt.  Hunt was a member of Captain George Mebane's company of the First Regiment of the Tennessee Militia.

From The Life Of Andrew Jackson

This marble cell contains the mouldering remains of the gallant David Hunt: he was the son of a soldier of the Revolution: a volunteer in the Creek War, he faithfully served his country until his tour of duty expired, when he left the camp, and returned to the home of his brave parent, where learning that his tour of duty had possibly not expired, he returned to camp and to his duty, the veteran father saying, "go my son, I am sure no harm can come to you, I too have been a soldier, and under Washington, a soldier returning to duty which he had left in error, always found mercy" : But the son never more saw the face of his venerable father!  He was arrested, tried and shot to death, at four days notice, by order of Gen. Andrew Jackson, on the 21st February, 1815"  [Source]

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