Friday, March 15, 2013

Captain Donald Cameron

Details about Captain Donald Cameron from the War of 1812 Website (Canadian), a story entitled Captains of the Canadian Fencibles in 1812by Robert Henderson.

"In 1812 there were six vacant captaincies in the Canadian Fencibles. These vacancies had been created by the death of three captains; Donald Cameron in December 1811... ."

"When Donald Cameron died at the age of 59 in December 1811, he left behind his wife Elizabeth*, and ten children, ranging from eight to twenty-one years old. Living on their land grant in the township of Chatham, Cameron's family was forced out of financial necessity to apply for assistance in addition to the Captain's widow pension."

*Elizabeth is thought to be Donald Cameron's 2nd wife and the daughter of Thomas Browne.  It is asserted (by a group of esteemed Cameron researchers) that Donald Cameron may be the father of my ancestor, Allen Cameron, by his 1st wife/relationship.

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