Saturday, March 2, 2013

DeSalaberry's Appointment

Source of Charles De Salaberry Picture

Prince Edward of England, and his brother Prince William Henry were in Canada, the former in command of a favorite regiment. [Jean Baptiste] Faribault witnessed the manoeuvres of this fine body of men, and was so much struck by the brilliancy of the display; that he proceeded to place on canvass a very creditable picture of the regiment and its officers, albeit he had never received any instruction in painting. The production was shown to Prince Edward, who was pleased with it, so much so indeed, that he proffered to the young artist a commission as junior officer in his regiment. Faribault declined the honor, but requested the Prince to bestow the commission upon a fellow clerk named De Salsbury*, which was done, and the appointee joined the regiment accordingly, and subsequently became a prominent and distinguished officer in the British service during the war of 1812-14.    *Charles De Salaberry

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