Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diary of Arad Joy

From the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at Cornell University Library:

Diary of Arad Joy (1812-1813) discusses events during his service in the War of 1812 including punishment of deserters, living conditions, a visit to Niagara Falls, a skirmish, and duties as paymaster.  Guide to the Joy Family Journals, 1812-1813, 1844

His diary was written while he was in the army (during the War of 1812) as a regimental paymaster in the 19th Regiment of Detached Militia, in New York State, under Lt. Col. Henry Bloome. 
Contents: Description...of living conditions in the army, explanation of the punishment for desertion (the men had half of their heads shaved, and were forced to walk before the regiment with their hands extended by a board across their backs and fastened on their foreheads)... .

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