Sunday, April 14, 2013

General Edmund Munger

General Munger Re-Fits An Army

His election to the rank of Brigadier General was contested.  On February 15, 1810, it was determined that he had been elected fairly.
"General Munger, whose title was earned by right of his command of Ohio troops during the War of 1812 and to which command he was succeeded by General Hull, who led his troops to disaster at Detroit spent one summer after coming to Ohio in the wilds near Belpre, in Washington county... ." [Source]

From Blacksmith to General:

"With the departure of General Hull and the Army of the Northwest, General Munger’s command of militia was ordered into Dayton to garrison the town, protect stores and public property and keep open a line of communication and supplies with the army at the front. This was a service of utmost importance, as the quartermaster’s ordnance and commissary supplies were to be forwarded through Dayton."

General Edmund Munger was born September 30, 1763 and died April 14, 1850.

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