Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Indiana's Fort Harrison


From The Magazine of American History

"An old well — a hundred yards back from the east bank of the Wabash river, three and a half miles north of the city of Terre Haute, Indiana, marks the site of old Fort Harrison... ."

In early times Fort Harrison was a place of considerable importance, being for many years the frontier garrison of the West — the old " Indian line " which defined the boundary of the Indian hunting grounds crossing the territory of Indiana just above the fort. The latter was erected during the fall of 1811, by General Harrison, who advanced up the Wabash with a strong force, for the purpose of subduing the Indian leader Tecumseh, and his brother... .

The necessity of establishing a fort was apparent....

The most important event in the history of Fort Harrison was its defense against the attack of a large body of Indians, by Zachary Taylor in September, 1812.

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