Wednesday, April 17, 2013

John Payne Todd Attache At Ghent

Would the finding aid at Princeton University reveal anything of interest pertaining to the War of 1812 in the John Payne Todd Correspondence?

Here's what was found online through Princeton:

"Todd had a weakness for gambling, and was unsuccessful in an assignment seeking Russia's help to end the War of 1812."  There was "his appointment in Ghent (Belgium) as secretary to the U.S. legation...".
"After the death of President Madison, Dolley Madison was forced to sell the family plantation, Montpelier, to pay her son's debts."


From the Montpelier Organization:

Attaché to the Treaty of Ghent Delegation

Following the completion of his formal school, Todd traveled to Europe as Albert Gallatin’s attaché on a diplomatic mission to end the War of 1812 conflicts. Abroad between 1813 and 1815, he did not serve as an official member of the delegation and was therefore not paid a stipend for living expenses.



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