Thursday, April 18, 2013

My First Impression (Book Edition)

In March I was contacted by the sponsoring editor of The Library of America's "THE WAR OF 1812: Writings from America's Second War of Independence" who indicated that a complimentary copy would be sent to me in exchange for a book review on this blog.

My first impression:

For those who enjoy cradling a book, bindings and all, and consider it part of the overall reading experience, this hard cover book's "acid free, lightweight opaque paper" is appealing to the touch.  The attached fabric bookmark was a pleasant and useful surprise.

The Table of Contents revealed that the book is organized in chronological order, which is a big plus for me (occasionally my blog posts correspond to War of 1812 events of that date, but not as often as I would wish).

The uncluttered map inside the front cover ranges from the Illinois Territory to New England (with portions of Canada included) while the maps inside the back cover depict the Gulf area and the Chesapeake Bay.  If the text mentioned Fort Harrison, Lundy's Lane or Havre de Grace, the maps are there to help with the geography.

Thank you, Library of America, for sending this treasure to me.  I hope future blog posts will do justice to Mr. Hickey's War of 1812 book.

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