Sunday, May 26, 2013

Confidential Communications

"Confidential communication sent by [British] Capt [John] B[askerville] Glegg from York 27th February 1812 to Mr. Dickson residing among the Indians near the Mississippi and received by him early in June"

"War may result from the present situation: I wish to know:--

1 The number of your friends that might be depended on;
2 Their disposition towards us;
3 Would they assemble and march under your orders;
4 State the succor you require and the most eligible mode of its conveyance;
5 Can equipments be procured in your country;
6 An immediate direct communication with you is very much required;
7 Can you point out how it can be accomplished;
8 Send without loss of time a few faithful and very confidential agents selected from your friends;
9 Will individuals approach the Detroit frontier next spring? If so state time and place we may meet.  Avoid mentioning names in your written communications. I have received your two letters. Recollect to whom you promised to procure shrubs and small trees."

Reply dated 18th June 1812 and received at Fort George [War was declared that date]

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