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Thomas Holdup Stevens

  Source Page 543

Thomas Holdup was "an inmate and pupil of the Orphan Asylum in Charleston."  "He became a protege of General [Daniel] Stevens, of that City...". [Source, Page 528]

From an Arlington Cemetery website:
Volunteering for lake service, he went to the Niagara frontier, and in a night assault on the enemy works opposite Black Rock, November 27-28, 1812, was one of the leaders of a detachment which captured two enemy guns and dislodged an enemy force by firing their barracks. A canister shot through his right hand in this action inflicted permanent injury.

Young as he was, he had distinguished himself in the War of 1812, even before Perry's brilliant victory on Lake Erie, and he commanded one of the vessels in that ever-memorable battle.  National Intelligencer, Monday, January 25, 1841

Thomas Holdup Stevens eventually reached the rank of Commodore.  He died in 1841 (FindAGrave says 1845).

82-65-C Presentation Sword, LT Thomas Holdup Stevens, War of 1812. (7074296553)

Presentation Sword, LT Thomas Holdup Stevens, War of 1812
By Naval History & Heritage Command from Washington, DC, USA

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