Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Detroit's Pre-War Stockade


In 1806 the second Indian conspiracy for the destruction of Detroit was hatched. Tecumseh and his brother, the Prophet, encouraged by the British, sowed disaffection amongst the Wyandots and other tribes near Detroit, and in 1807 matters became so threatening that the governor ordered the inhabited portion of the new city to be inclosed with a strong stockade.

The eastern boundary of this stockade was at Brush street and the western was near Cass street. There was a gate at Brush and Atwater streets, and a block house just east of the Biddle House. The western gate was on Jefferson avenue about 100 feet west of Cass street. From The centennial celebration of the evacuation of Detroit by the British

For the purpose of building this stockade it was ordered on August 9, 1807, that fifty officers and men be detailed from the First Regiment and fifty from the Legionary Corps to be marched to the works.  [Source]

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