Saturday, June 29, 2013

Samuel Clements, Of Crook's Company, Who Saw Brock Fall

From The Irishman in Canada:

"Samuel Clements, eighty years of age, formerly of Crook's Flank Company, who was present at Queenston Heights, who fought under the solemn stars at Lundy's Lane would have made a good central figure for a historical picture as he told, with uplifted finger, how he saw Brock fall." 

Captain J. Crook's flank Co., 1st Lincoln Militia, listed below:


Was he the Samuel Clement(s) who married Martha Porter?  Probably.  

By license, Samuel Clement and Martha Porter, both of ye Township of Niagara, married in Township of Niagara, the 23rd December, 1824. 

If he was the son of James and Catherine (Crysler) Clement, he was also a distant relative of Hugh Clement, who married a member of my Cameron family, and was also related to this family.

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