Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Biography Of Col. Richard M Johnson

The Authentic biography of Colonel Richard M. Johnson, of Kentucky was published in 1833.

Richard Mentor Johnson, the third son of Colonel Robert Johnson, was born in the autumn of 1780/1, in Kentucky, which was then a county in Virginia.  After some local schooling, Richard M. Johnson attended Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, and then studied law.  He represented the citizens of Scott County, Kentucky, when he was quite young, and took his seat in the U.S. Congress in October of 1807.  While in Congress the whole country was in an uproar when the British frigate Leopard attacked frigate Chesapeake.

The other dispute referenced above occurred in 1802 when the Spanish Intendant closed the Port at New Orleans to the United States, in violation of a treaty.  War was anticipated, especially in the Western States.  Richard Johnson, at age 20, volunteered for military service and was elected to command a company.  The dispute was settled peacefully.
Richard M. Johnson, while still a member of Congress, offered to be an aid to General Harrison, who was then in charge of the Kentucky troops as well as his own Indiana soldiers, and also offered to recruit for the military.

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